How i Got My Website Adsense Approval within 7 Days, How to get Google Adsense approval for Website

"How i Got My Website Adsense Approval within 7 Days"


How to Got Approval

Hey Friends Before Some days i got Approval of my Blogger website within7 Days for that i am to Happy and also curious to tell you how i did it. 

How can you get Google Adsense Approval

Guys if you also want to get google AdSense approval as soon as possible so you have to know somethings about you website and if you do that changes in your site you will really get you Adsense Approval soon So first of all you have to make a simple Website where you want to create you can like Blogger or Wordpress. Then you have to buy a Professional Domain name for your website otherwise you are not eligible to get google AdSense approval. After buying any domain from Godady or other site you have to do some changes in your site like ^

Things you should changes or Add in you Website

1.Make sure you have not used any google images in your website or your blogs. If you want to use images so you can use CC images or you can create your own images.

2. Second thing is that you have to create 3 pages or more in your site. It is Compulsory to get Google Adsense Approval because pages make your site looking professional.

3. You have to add Home in you Categorie in your site which maybe added default. And then.

4. you must create PRIVACY POLICY. Which you can create free from This_Site and here you have to add some information Abou you or you site to make Privacy Policy.

5. After making Privacy policy you have to make DISCLAIMER for yor site which you can create free from This_Site and here you have to provide some information about you or your site to make disclaimer.

6. In last you have to add About us or Contact us options in you site. And Upload a Amazing theme to look you site professional.

After doing that all things you can provide you website to Google Adsense.